Ring Intercom: continuous buzzing

Hi there!

I just installed my Ring Intercom. It’s a great piece of equipment and instructions were clear.

However, I do hear a continuous and annoying buzzing on both the Ring app and the building intercom, once I answer the call.

But… If I pickup the handset itself, the buzzing goes away and I can talk over the Ring app nicely. So I guess there’s some kind of sound feedback/bad wiring going on.

Any ideas about where to start?


Hi @Traste. We have some articles regarding the Ring Intercom that I suggest going over to see if they help. If not, reach out to our support team dedicated specifically to the Ring Intercom for further assistance.

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Thanks @Justin_Ring. I’ve been through those articles… couldn’t find a solution.

I’m not even able to find the cable schema for the Ring Intercom, so I can do some testing myself. I need to know the wiring schema for speaker/mic/ground.

Anyway, I reached out to your support team and they’re helping me. Let’s cross fingers!