Ring Intercom: continuous buzzing

Hi there!

I just installed my Ring Intercom. It’s a great piece of equipment and instructions were clear.

However, I do hear a continuous and annoying buzzing on both the Ring app and the building intercom, once I answer the call.

But… If I pickup the handset itself, the buzzing goes away and I can talk over the Ring app nicely. So I guess there’s some kind of sound feedback/bad wiring going on.

Any ideas about where to start?


Hi @Traste. We have some articles regarding the Ring Intercom that I suggest going over to see if they help. If not, reach out to our support team dedicated specifically to the Ring Intercom for further assistance.

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Thanks @Justin_Ring. I’ve been through those articles… couldn’t find a solution.

I’m not even able to find the cable schema for the Ring Intercom, so I can do some testing myself. I need to know the wiring schema for speaker/mic/ground.

Anyway, I reached out to your support team and they’re helping me. Let’s cross fingers!

Hi @Traste,
did you solve the problem? I have the same issue and the support seems can’t help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @sektor , I’ve just installed my ring intercom and I am facing the exact same issue. Were you able to solve it on your side and how? Thanks

Hi, I’ve the same issue but have made some progress on the trouble shooting.

Just installed Ring intercom on an very old Tegui Horizon (0E7030) model and when the call is picked up in the cell phone app, there is a strong buzzing noise in both the phone and the outside unit of the intercom. You can speak at the cell phone side, and your voice transmits well to the outside unit, but the opposite direction is not working, you cannot hear anything from the outside unit in your cell phone (apart from the buzzing).

To describe the nature of the problem, the noise might be a tone at electric network frequency.

After contacting the support staff of Ring, did some trials on volume adjustment of mic and earphone, permissions on mic access and switch off Bluetooth. Nothing of this helped in solving the issue.

We stopped there but today I’ve given another go, and tried disconnecting sequentially the mic (A-3 black) and the speaker (A-2, brown) cables of the Ring unit. Disconnecting the mic made no improvement on the noise, but after disconnecting the speaker, the noise was gone.

Finally, reconnected the mic cable, but left the speaker cable disconnected, this has solved the buzzing noise, but, naturally, I cannot hear anything from the intercom in the cell phone. From the cell to the intercom works fine, with high quality of sound, but some ~1s delay (which is not that bad, anyway).

I guess that this issue is related to a mains/grounding deficiency but I lack of reliable technical information to advance further today.