Ring intercom CarPlay app

I use ring intercom to open the gate of my house. I find that it would be very useful if you could integrate a widget on CarPlay so that you do not have to use the smartphone every time (maybe stored in the bag), speeding up the opening operations.

Hi @user76509 , welcome to the Ring Community!
The feature that you mentioned is currently not available. We appreciate the feedback you’ve provided here for the Ring Intercom and forwarded it to our internal Ring Intercom development team. We’re always looking to improve and add to our devices and the experience we provide.
We have heard feedback from other neighbors regarding some compatibility or settings available for CarPlay and the Ring app, which you can find in this feature request . We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather the feedback we see on the Ring Community in order to share it with our teams here.
Thank you for sharing your idea with us.