Ring Intercom CAME Entrotec ED3 ED4 Entroview

I am thinking about the Ring Intercom and wondered if anyone has CAME Entrotec devices working. Specifically wired with CAT5/CAT6/CW1308. I think the CAME BPT AGT A200K has a similar wiring setup? Wiring attached. Thanks in advance!

Wiring Key:

  • DR Door Release. A negative going voltage level to trigger the system’s lock control circuit.
  • VT 12VDC supply to the handset for LED and call tone functions.
  • 0V 0VDC supply to the handset.
  • BZ Call tone input. Either AC or DC based tones are amplified and heard through the handset when on-hook.
  • S2 Microphone signal from handset. 2.5 volt circuit at 150 ohms.
  • S1 Signal to handset speaker. Rated at 32 Ohms at a ½ Watt.

The AGT A200K handset is for use with a BPT (now owned by Came) System 200, which is a 4-wire analogue system. The terminals for an AGT A200K are as follows:

  • 5 Common
  • 7 Call
  • 8 Speech In (Speaker)
  • 9 Speech Out (Microphone/Door Release)

You’d wire these as follows to the Ring Intercom:

  • A15 Common/Ground
  • A67 Call
  • A28 Speech In (Speaker)
  • A39 Speech Out (Microphone/Door Release)

I’m really not sure how you would wire the Ring Intercom to your handset, as your handset doesn’t look like it is compatible with the AGT A200K.

There are a couple of cables unused in the A-harness with the A200K handset, maybe they could be used to support your handset. The best place to ask would be Ring Intercom Support


Hi Neilm

Thank you very much for the response. I think you are right the AGT A200K is quite different. I did find another post that looks like my wiring.

I have just emailed support as well.

Thanks again.

Unfortunately the Ring Intercom compatability list is very limited, so it’s likely you will have issues when dealing with support (based on Twitter interactions I’ve observed).

For instance, if you’ve got a video handset, then it’s automatically not going to be compatible as far as Ring Support are concerned, even though several video handsets have been shown to work perfectly (the video and audio being handled separately). The BPT System 200 AGATA video handsets being one such example of this.

Also, if your handset is not listed at all, then Ring Support will flat out claim your handset is not compatible, which is nonsense as it really just means they’ve not tested it. It’s very likely your handset model is compatible with another different model that may be listed. I mean, who could seriously believe that Ring has tested every handset make/model ever made? Only Ring Support, it would seem. :man_shrugging:

None of the BPT AGT A200 variant handsets are explicitly listed under Came BPT (there’s a bunch of manufacturer model numbers that nobody is likely to know, and an “AGT A” entry which may be a catch-all) so you end up using the AS C/200 model which is a compatible predecessor of the A200K.

The model list under Came BPT is actually a bit of a mess and badly needs curating, hopefully it will be cleaned up in future but probably not


Won’t be holding my breath for any useful response then.

It would make it much easier if they explained what each connection was for people that want to make “unsupported” devices work.

I was able to get mine working this morning using the post I mentioned above. I will post my wiring config soon to hopefully help others.

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Hi guys. I have Entrotec rh3+/ed4
My ring in theory is working. The trouble is that for my system to be fully operational I need to lift the phone handle of the hook, otherwise I can’t open the door. Any ideas on how to modify my existing handset? I attached a picture, the cradle switch is the issue (SW1, sw2). Please let me know if there is any way around that or what handset I could replace mine with to make it work.

Hi there.

I am thinking of getting one for my grandparents who really need the help one of these would bring.

Since you’ve managed to get it working, could I ask if it would be possible for you to share the wiring diagram- it would be so helpful and appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi! I have set the Intercom Type as Analogue FDX and wired my handset as follows:

Handset terminal => Connector cable
DR => A-5
VT => empty
0V => A-1
BZ => empty
S2 => A-3
S1 => A-2
DS => empty
EX => A-6

I used Entrotec’s manuals as a guidance:

Treating Ring Intercom as an additional handset.

In general it works - I am getting notifications etc. I can open the door but someone needs to buzz first.

The only problem I face is that as soon as I answer the call it gets disconnected in a second or so - so I am unable to talk.
Maybe someone has solution to this issue?

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What device type did you choose when setting up the intercom? I have wired up my RH3+ following your post but it fails at the test section (fortunately the main handset still buzzes so nothing is too broken!)

Edit to add:

I would be curious about the position of the jumpers on your handset. I’ve done a bit of fiddling around it now gets as far as passing the test, but the unlock doesn’t work - I just hear a pulse come out of the main intercom’s speaker… probably not a good thing!

Edit 2:

So I’ve done some more fiddling, and ended up plugging A-6 into the BZ connection… When someone presses the buzzer for the flat, I get a notification on my phone, and I can talk to the person (though seemingly with a horrible lag attached) - but the door unlock does not work. Presumably I am now in the same boat as @AJ_Grush in that the handset must be lifted in order to unlock the door.

I found a project on hackster.io which states the following about the ED4:

So presumably some sort of additional electronic jiggery pokery would need to be carried out in order to make this work. Unless of course @s.g can provide some more information about how they have theirs working…

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Hi there Analogue FDX doesn’t even appear on the list of intercoms. Which one is it, please?!

“Analogue FDX” would not be a brand, make or model - it’s simply telling you the type of “system” (for want of a better description) that your handset is based on ie. it’s an Analogue full duplex intercom system (which isn’t a bad sign, as Ring Intercom should be compatible with systems like this).

The actual make and model of your handset should be found elsewhere on the printed circuit board.

Edit: Just coming back to this thread after a while and had lost track of the discussion. Not entirely sure where you would “set” the intercom as “Analogue FDX”, unless @S.G simply means s/he selected a basic generic/analogue intercom…

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Hi there. Managed to get it to work in a rudimentary way via Intercom Brand: Generic- and the 5 wire option that comes up.

It does work, however I’m not able to speak to anyone via the app. Is that your experience as well?

I have one wire left, I was wondering if it could be
A4 - DS Maybe?

Any help would be most appreciated. I’m so delighted I’ve gotten as far as I have!

Hi, S2 is the speaker so possibly there. I have mine at the same stage as you but I’ve only just got this.

Did you ever get it sorted ?

Hi guys. It took me forever to search for a solution. Basically, the Entrotec system works in a tricky way to be combined with any automation. For the system to be fully activated after someone rings your apartment you have to take the handset off the hook. This is when you can speak, open the door, etc.
to bypass this I figured out a simple way. I don’t put my handset on the hook if someone rings my apartment the system is active straightaway so the call can be forwarded to the ring intercom, which makes my ring app ring, my Alexa speaker announces the caller, allows me to speak, and open the door. The only annoying downside of that is the intercom downstairs shows that u pick up and people think u already listening. What I’m planning to do in this case is, get a fingerbot installed which will keep pressing the button (the one which is normally pressed when the handset is on hook) then after 25 seconds it will be realized automatically. During that time I have time to pick up the call on my phone and speak to the caller. One more thing. When u keep the handset off the hook u won’t hear the intercoms ringing. I don’t mind at the moment as I have Alexa in almost every room to notify me that someone is ringing outside. This is the best I came out with after months of research and after damaging my original handset and burning the main board so everyone’s intercom in the building wasn’t working :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:. This is the easiest and safest way I found to fully enjoy the magic of the Ring intercom. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: If anyone has a better option, please share.
One more thing, I use the wiring diagram provided by @S.G Thank you guys for the interactions, and wish you good luck!!! :tada::tada::tada::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Hi S.G, I have internal door bell, so I used below wiring and got same issue as yours. Then I contacted customer support, and after they changed something, it worked for me now.
A-1 ↔ 0V
A-2 ↔ S1
A-3 ↔ S2
A-5 ↔ DR
A-6 ↔ S1

Can I check. Using that wiring means you can open the door without picking up the handset?

You’re showing a2 and a6 both going to s1. Is that correct as sg has a6 going to ex?

I tried setting up my Entrotec Entryview+ as such:
A-1 ↔ 0V
A-2 ↔ S1
A-3 ↔ S2
A-5 ↔ DR
A-6 ↔ S1

I can receive notification of rings, but unlocking the door fails. What am i missing?

@AugustL is your setup before the change recommended by ring? If so, what was the change?

Did you manage to figure it out in the end?

Hi There

I have a Entrotec entroview plus system in my building.
Would anyone be kind to help on which system works better for this?


Hi there,

could you help me using this route?
Does this work for entrotec entroview plus which is the ones with a screen?
Which ring model have you used?