Ring Intercom BTicino 8 cable

Hi, on my building I have a video intercom BTicino Sprint 334342

4 - gate opener
3 - door opener
2 - video on

with 8 cable:
1 - blu - power negative
2 - red - power positive
3 - orange - audio
4 - white/orange - audio
5 - brown - bus
6 - white/brown - bus
7 - green - video
8 - white/green - video

It would be useful to have the possibility of setting the lock activation time in the settings, which is currently too long and there is a risk of burning it.

The majority of these devices (virtually all BTicino devices and there are millions of devices installed) have 2 buttons for controlling the second door or turning on the lights which work even when the device is not being used. Why has only 1 button been implemented in Ring Intercom?

Will there ever be the possibility to also view the video in the application? It would be really convenient as a feature!
Thanks for the support

Hello @MatteoITA, thank you for your question. In the majority of cases, our support team is able to adjust the lock activation time for your Ring Intercom.

Currently, we are not planning on implementing the live view video function for the Ring Intercom. However, feel free to post your idea on our feature board: Feature Request Board - Ring Community, as we are focused on adding new requested features. Thank you for being a valued member of the community.

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