Ring Intercom & BTICINO 344252 - cable instructions unclear, support not helping

hey all!
just wanted to set up my ring intercom with a bticino 344252 - ring tells me it’s compatible, tells me to use the B cables, but then is not providing clear instructions.
it says
“insert wire B-2 into port BUS”
“insert wire B-1 into port BUS”

however BUS consists of four ports and four cables in there already, how am I supposed to approach this? does B-1 equal to the first cable and B-2 to the second cable or is there another information that I’m supposed to know?

I tried calling ring support but they say to go to an electrician and they don’t provide more information.

this is ridiculous, i literally opened up everything and am capable of adding the cables, i just need to know out of the 4 ports, which cable should be added where?

can anyone provide some more guidance?

thank you!

Can you post the picture of the internals of your handset and wiring?

If this is what it looks like then you need to connect to terminals marked by “2” (also marked under “BUS”). There are 2 terminals there but because it is a bus system you should be able to insert the B-1 and B-2 wires anywhere within the two. It shouldn’t matter

Hey Neighbors. For support regarding your Ring Intercom, we have this Help Center article here. If you have any question, feel free to reach out via Email or Phone. Thanks, Neighbors!