Ring Intercom: Auto-Verify event logging?

I had an Amazon delivery today. Auto-Verify is enabled.

I think the driver may have entered the building with Auto-Verify (forgot to ask him - he was inside before I could get to the handset) but there is no record of this in my Ring Intercom Event History.

Can I confirm if Auto-Verify door open events are logged in the Ring App?

It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be a notification, just an entry in the Event History of the Ring Intercom device that unlocked the door whenever the door is unlocked using Auto-Verify (it could be filed under a separate Auto-Verify category, and a nice touch would be to include the source/company ie. Amazon, DHL, DPD etc. - I know it’s just Amazon, for now!)

For building security reasons I think it is important there is some evidence whenever Auto-Verify is used to gain access to the building. Also, it would help to confirm Auto-Verify is working, and also to know how useful it is (which could be a factor when upgrading the intercom system to something that may or may not support Ring Intercom, which we will be doing in the next 2-3 years). If we know Auto-Verify is being used regularly and have evidence of the same (residents Event History) then it’s something we may want to continue with, but if we have no idea how often it’s being used (or if it’s being used at all) then maybe selecting a Ring Intercom-compatible system is a less important consideration.

I’ve got another Amazon delivery tomorrow, so I’ll try and get more info from the delivery driver tomorrow if I can catch him. Unfortunately today I was totally unaware he’d managed to get in and he was away again before I remembered to interrogate him. :smile:

We do have CCTV on the front door which has audio and from the audio I can tell the door unlocked for precisely 5 seconds (same as it does when Ring Intercom unlocks it) but unfortunately he partially blocked the camera so I couldn’t see if he was using an app to unlock the door.

Just had another Amazon delivery, but unfortunately he didn’t know anything about Auto-Verify… I really wish I’d spoken to the delivery guy yesterday! :rofl:

I agree, it would be nice to know when the auto-verify feature has been used.
I’ve had a couple of Amazon deliveries over the past few days when I’ve been home and they buzzed the intercom for entry.
Not sure if the feature is working or not because of this. It may be a case of the app knows I’m in so doesn’t use the feature, or potentially the driver has not been trained to use it yet.

Have you added a delivery preference?

Auto-Verify should only be available if the recipient has added a delivery preference to their Amazon account (ie. “Front Door”). Without a delivery preference for the recipient then in theory I don’t think Auto-Verify should work or be available to the delivery person (even if they know how to use it).

I have set it to Front Door yes.
Just confirmed it again to make sure.

Might just have to use it in anger when I’m not in!

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I have the same problem.
With enabled Amazon auto-verify I see NO log entry in the event logging.
Actually I disabled Amazon auto-verify until this bug is fixed.

Any new information about solving this problem?