Ring Intercom - are Phone notifications unreliable?

Anyone else having problems receiving notifications on a phone (in my case, Android 10)?

Phone notifications are proving to be very hit and miss when away from my home.

Alexa notifications are also broken now, but that’s a different reason.

Anyway, on the 23rd December I had an unexpected delivery at my flat while I was away from home (at my parents for Christmas, with my phone connected to a solid WiFi home broadband connection).

My flat was buzzed, once at 19:06 and again at 19:07 (confirmed by CCTV audio within the flat which recorded the flat buzzer sounding twice at those times - good presses, 1-2 seconds each).

A single “Call” event was logged in the Ring App for 19:06, nothing for 19:07 (not an issue - it only logs the first Call event within a certain time period). However my phone did not receive ANY notification for either buzz. Nothing!

So, the Ring Intercom utterly failed. :frowning_face:

Unfortunately the parcel was then left outside the building, basically on the street (which admittedly was incredibly stupid) where it promptly disappeared. I’m obviously not blaming Ring for the theft, but you know, reliable phone notifications would be nice, as it would kinda make this thing worthwhile!

Of course in all my testing, on my home network and cellular, the “Call” notifications generally arrive on time (6 times out of 10 on time, 2 times out of 10 they’ll arrive 5-10 minutes late, another 2 times out of 10 not at all, so hardly great). However when I’m not at home (on cellular, or connected to another residential WiFi), which is when I need this thing to work 100% reliably, the “Call” notifications almost always fail to arrive at all (just like 23rd December).

Anyone else having similar issues? I’m kind of wondering what the point of the Ring Intercom is when “Call” notifications arrive 5 or 10 minutes late, or not at all?

@support - any thoughts on why notifications are not received reliably AND on time?

Configuration: Android 10, Ring App 3.55.1.

No idea about Ring Intercom firmware version - it just says “Up to Date” which is pretty useless info (I’m a software developer - what use is this info, give me a proper version number!)

Hi @neilm-uk. For further assistance with your Ring Intercom, contact our Ring Intercom support team. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had multiple visitors over the last week and not a single phone notification has been received from the Ring Intercom (Amazon Alexa notifications are working fine, but that’s no good when I’m away from home!)

Today was the final straw when yet another visitor failed to produce any Ring Intercom phone notifications.

Using the classic IT troubleshooting technique, I removed and then reinserted the 73% full battery from the Ring Intercom (ie. power cycle) and once the Ring Intercom had rebooted the Ring Intercom notifications began to arrive on my phone, so it seems that a process on the Ring Intercom had failed, or locked up.

Hopefully this was a one-off. :crossed_fingers: