Ring intercom: App setup workflow hangs after successful ring and door opening test

I installed my Ring intercom to my Ritto 7630/x0 Twinbus system. Then started the setup workflow in Ring App. The workflow goes through the ringer and door opener test, both tests successful, what means the integration of Ring intercom and Twinbus is working. But then the app hangs in next step. Don’t know what this step does. I can’t finish the setup. What i can do?

Is the WiFi that your phone and/or Intercom is using on a VLAN? I think I read that someone had problems setting up the Intercom while using a VLAN so they set it up without the VLAN and then once it was setup they moved the Intercom back on to the VLAN.

Not really sure why the VLAN would be an issue, but just mentioning it in case that’s your issue.

Hi @Verkehrsrot. You can find an overview of the installation process for the Ring Intercom here, in case that helps you determine which part of the setup process you’re currently on. If you aren’t able to your Intercom setup, you can reach out to our Intercom support team here for further support. :slight_smile:

As i wrote: i completed the Installation process. The app hangs after the successful door opening test. That’s beyond step 13 no. 9 in your list.

Update: I now can confirm that Ring intercom is working with Ritto 7630/x0, all functions are now active.

What did i change: Today i performed a full reset by pressing the button on the ring for 10 secs. Then deleted it from the App. Then begin the installation process from start. Difference this time was, that the device performed a firmware update. After this it was possible to complete the app setup workflow including the last step (which is to press the call button a second time).

Now let’s see if the system is working stable.