Ring Intercom and Videx 3171 Speaker Feedback

Hi All

Received the intercom a couple of days ago which was great given it was not supposed to launch until the 1st.

Setup was really straightforward however I have an issue I just cannot solve.

I have a Videx 7131 intercom in my apartment which requires the B wiring and two wires into “L” & “-” which was straight forward. Checked and rechecked connections and all good to go.

Started the setup and the intercom connected no problem, went outside to “dial” my apartment but when I tapped the app to say I had dialled (could hear my buzzer going off) but then just got a high pitched loud hum from the speaker.

Tried numerous times and even with other 3171 derivatives just in case but the same.

Decided to hit I could hear the voice and re-entered my call and the door unlocked.

So I now have a system I can unlock the door with, and through Alexa, however I cannot hear or talk to anyone other than hear a loud hum from the outside speaker.

Any ideas or help really appreciated.

Can send photos or video if it helps

Send pictures of the wiring

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Just a suggestion - add the intercom tag so that your post has better visibility on this site.

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Also, are you sure you mean Videx 7131 and not Videx 3171?

This site has details (photos, pin outs) of various Videx handsets.

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So when someone calls you from the outside door you cannot hear them?

Can I confirm with you that you have the unlock door button from within the app?
I have the 3171 p and I do not hear what you describe. The only loud high pitched hum I hear is when outside the main entrance and when the door unlocks. It goes off after a min or so or when I end the call on the app. It sounds in mine like feedback? Everything else works though (except the app unlock button)


Hey neighbors, chiming in to let you all know we have a Ring Intercom support team that can help with any Intercom-specific questions, including more technical concerns on the wiring. You can reach out to them here for further assistance if needed. I’d also like to show thanks to everyone in this thread for being positive and constructive in an effort to help troubleshoot the original poster’s issue, thank you for being a valued part of the Ring Community! :slight_smile:

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Hi could you please confirm that you also do not have the unlock door button from within the ring app?
I can only unlock the door when a visitor rings and I can use the “phone” screen to unlock the button.

I would just like to confirm as you have the same intercom as me that you are also missing the unlock remotely facility.

Thanks so much if you can help.



Apologies been away with work all week.

OK firstly when someone call my apartment the bell in the 3171 sounds and the app notifies me. I can unlock from the notification however if I try and talk the flat interface sound like a mike being put to a speaker, really bad feedback.

Pictures of wiring and unit below -


Yes sorry its is the 3171

Hi David

You are correct I also do not have the unlock door button within the ring app only when someone calls and the phone app has the unlock.

Hi DaveGG

No cannot hear anything other than feedback on the outside unit, no sound coming through the app.

Have you tried reducing the Intercom microphone sensitivity in the Ring app? Reducing it a couple of notches helped eliminate feedback on my system.

Hi Neilm

Yes now set at nothing and still feedback

Not sure if this helps but when I went through the setup when I dialled my apartment and the intercom picked up, when the app asked if I can hear the voice all I got was feedback even at this point.

All else appears to be working even through Alexa to unlock but we cannot get past this feedback issue on the outside speaker.

Hi thanks for confirming that for me. It seems like it’s a missing feature with our system.
As for feedback I do get feedback after I’ve buzzed someone in a moment after I’ve unlocked the door but no other time.
As has been suggested I can only think adjusting the microphone gain or even recheck your wiring? Or it could be an issue with your system.
I hope someone can answer this for you.
I did not that you can unlock by Alexa, I’ve tried asking Alexa and although she goes through the motions announcing the door is unlocked etc. it does not unlock the door.
I do note too that this only may work when someone has pressed the buzzer from the outside intercom. I’ve not tried using Alexa under this circumstance as yet.

I hope you get it sorted


Did this issue ever get resolved?
I have the exact same problem except I have a Videx 3176.

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