Ring integration with Level Bolt/Lock via Sidewalk

When will Level Bolt integration with Ring/Sidewalk be expanded to newer devices? As of now, the integration only works with Ring Video Doorbell Pro, 3rd Generation (2017-present). Shouldn’t new products have this integration out of the box?

I have both the Doorbell Wired and Floodlight Cam Wired Plus right next to my front gate where the Level Bolt (which I love) is installed but I still have to be standing near the gate in order to lock/unlock. Come on, Ring!

The answer is NO, even Ring pro supports it. Technically Ring Elite is like Pro with POE, . It should be an easy fix, and. I wish it does.

Anyone out there knows otherwise?

I have 3 Ring Doorbells and also wish Ring Elite supports Level locks and hope that Ring team supports it. If not, please tell us why not since technically it’s really easy.