Ring Integration with Google Home/Nest Hub

And that’s why I sent it back and got nest hello
Works like a charm ??

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I’d hiope so. Google owns it

IMHO the most important feature is that Ring Doorbell should be able to use Google home speaker to notify when the doorbell rings. It just makes no sense for Ring to make people pay $59 dollars for each additional plug that can’t be used as anything else but a doorbell notifier.

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Hello Jennifer,

Its been quite some time now since the question was first asked and all of us Google Home/Nest Hub users are still no closer to getting the answer! When will Ring products be fully integrated with Google??? The list of people asking the same question is growing.


@Jennifer_Ring wrote:

We appreciate your patience, @hnb48 ! Our team is currently looking into the integration with Google home and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

I highly doubt it will ever happen. They want us to buy Echo products instead. I personally might switch to Nest Hello once I decide to get more cameras outside.


Wondering why i purchased a ring device when I’ve google nest hub in my house. Google saying it ring who doesn’t want this integrating but the only one hurting is me from my lack of judgment buying before researching. Ring kinda sucks right now. I’ve spend $500 for this crap equipment.

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Yes, I actually went ahead and bought nest hello doorbell simply because I have a google home and want a nest hub.

Then I bought 4 arlo pro 3 cameras instead of Ring spotlight cams also because the integrate with google, and Alexa also actually.

I made the decision because Ring couldn’t give me an ETA on this.

I dont believe that it will come anytime soon.

So, sorry Ring, I waited long enough.!


How is Google Home not supported in 2020? At this point I have an old 1st Gen Ring Alarm, and an original Ring Doorbell. I want to go all in on Ring cameras and smart lighting to keep (mostly the lighting at this point) to tie into the same ecosystem that I use to manage ALL OF MY OTHER smart home lighting products (Hue, Wiz, etc).

If this isn’t supported soon, I’ll be replacing all the old 1st gen products with competing vendors that do support Google Home. Tired of being strung along by Ring!

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Any update on this? In a day in age where you can get Apple and google work with each other (Waze integration in car play) getting ring to fully work with Nest Hub should be simple. Come on we all want this just make it happen


I think the reviews in the store let you know what the community thinks of that integration. I feel personally insulted that you would even sugest that as an acceptible solution.

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It’s a shame thAt this is not happening at this point and the bogus integration that they are trying to pass off it is basically useless if you cannot view your ring videos if this does not get resolved I will have to leave ring and go all in on google

I have a solution for that Problem!
I change the System. I will never buy a Ring product again. They have only nice words but no service.
Eufy doorbell is better in support of Google.
Never a product of Ring again.

I noticed that Nest Aware has relaunched with comparable prices. I already have a Google heavy eco system, I guess changing from Ring to Nest will be straight forward… I was disappointed when Ring was the only suitable product for my needs in Australia at the time but now there are so many options.

I wonder if anytone from Ring will bother posting on this subject again?

That link only gives you the ability to give commands. When will you be able to use ring Video Doorbell with Google Home Hub. Do not want to use Amazon products and would rather install a compatible device with the hub at my parents than one that doesn’t seem to care about its customers

So can Ring integrate with Google yet?

Anyone want’s to buy my Ring2? think this will never happen… so i think i am better off going for another brand doorbell, instead of expanding on RING and continue the subscription.

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We ditched our Ring products because of no updates or ETAs. Very disappointed that greed kept them from having a great user experience with our compatible products like Nest Hub. Yall can have my ring products for free. I wouldnt dare charge anyone for this non-compatible equipment.

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Sad times. i bought a Ring 3 as it said integration with Google. But the integration is so minimal. All i want is so that when the door bell rings it uses my existing google home setup to let me know someone is at the door. Is this integration ever going to happen

Just purchased and installed today-to find that Ring doesnt integrate with Google Home. Uninstalling and sending back to Amazon. Super disappointed.