Ring Intecom test not possible

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to configure my Ring Intercom for a couple of days now in the final phase. I can connect the device to Wi-Fi and configure everything until the end of the test. However, when I try to perform the 1/4 test, it says there is no connection to the Wi-Fi. But when I check under device status, the Intercom is online. I’ve completely switched my Wi-Fi to 2.4 GHz, but unfortunately without success. Then I placed my phone’s hotspot right next to the Intercom, but still no success. I’ve paired the Intercom 4-5 times, and each time it works without any issues until the test. What else can I do?

The last step is the “testing mode”, where it should flash in green.

Take a look if the error message is the same as mine (P16-10-20032001), as per the screenshot attached on my post below:


Hi @Slobo. Welcome to our Ring Community! We would like to find out more about this. Please let us know the brand and model of your current intercom. Please also post pictures of your wiring. This information could help our team to determine what might be causing this to happen.