Ring increases Basic Subscription fee to £49.99 per device

Just to update. I have also now cancelled my subs however they tried to fob me off with a fraction of the % prorata!! Only when I challenged and said hey I have used less than 3 months of my subs (x2) and you’ve given me less than HALF as a refund for 9mths did they start to wilt.

They also then tried to credit it rather than refund to my card…I get the feeling they are trying every tactic out there possible! Be savvy people!

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I had £49.99 taken out of my account this morning and I knew nothing about! I then went to do an online chat to talk to a women who’s attitude seems awful. She said an email was sent out to all users and basically it’s my fault if I didn’t get it! It’s disgusting how much it’s gone up by

My subscription expired today. Contacted them to say I’m not paying £50, it’s unreasonable and got told that’s the price, there’s nothing that can be done. I’ll swap it for one that doesn’t have a subscription. Any recommendations?

Aboslutely robbing though my renewal failed auto renewal on Feb with 34.99 and try to pay the same invoice but refused strongly by the customer service, worst people and company, get way from this company… there are many new companites provider better device than these people. I just thrown this scrap to the bin :wink:

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Yup ended up cancelling mine
The doorbell itself isnt exactly cheap so needing a subscription for something as simple as being able to veiw old footage is just scummy especially since its advertised as a security doorbell :joy:
2 large price increases in such a short amount of time is just disgusting
You’d think amazon were bankrupt with all the price hikes

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I heard ring was to increase in uk by 46% from today. I canceled my £80 subscription and rejoined to get it at same price for 12 months, ive now been informed the ring protect plus is not going up? Have i lost my extended warranty because i cancelled??? Very confusing on the site

Im exchanging for eufy doorbell as no need subscription and have storage for 30 days ,ring company r rip off ,no way ill pay that much ,u loser

Im replacing for eufy without subscriptions ,no way ill pay that much

Eufy its the replacement,im moving from rip off company

You can be sure that Ring Protect Plus will go up, maybe not yet, and not this year, but trust me, it will go up!