Ring increases Basic Subscription fee to £49.99 per device

Here’s another unhappy customer. I like everyone else in the thread am cancelling.
I refuse to be openly mugged by ring.
My WiFi is fast and stable, ring doorbells are slow, clunky and often unreliable.
I have never felt able to recommend ring products and can easily look elsewhere for better options. This completely unjustified price increase by ring has has made up my mind.

$30 to $50 each location i 2 years. Greed.
There are doorbells with built in storage (OASU) that don’t charge a monthly fee. I currently use OASU cameras and will be cancelling my ring subscription and adding OASU doorbells.

OASU makes good cameras and doorbells that dont require a subscription. Blink is also Amazon owned as is Ring, so I won’t be using Blink

Absolute jokery another customer lost, looks like we switching to eufy

Look at eufy, i have also cancelled my plan absolute joke

I find this situation quite disappointing and unwarranted. Having recently renewed my subscription with Ring, I’ve decided this will be my final year with them. Next year, I plan to make the switch to Xiaomi Mi. Their product quality is impressive, and their pricing is far more appealing. I was particularly amazed by their outdoor camera, the Mi AW300, which exceeded my expectations:

This was my review of the Mi AW300:

And this was my review of the original Ring Doorbell Cam (back when Ring had reasonable prices). The video was called “affordable camera”, but sadly now it is no longer the case:

Just bought ring doorbell at the end of 2023, payed £34.99 for basic subscription which I thought was expensive at the time, now it’s going up to £49.99 I will not be renewing at that price, performance is poor, delivery person has come and gone before I get notification not worth the price increase.

This is just an increase for greed and I will not be renewing, disgraceful.

This will be my last year with Ring.
I cancelled and subscribed again at £34.99

£15 increase is beyond inflation and so would need more justification in the email sent out.
The replies on hear simply echo my and many others, it’s a rip off.

Alternatively Ring such back track their prices and increase them slowly in line with inflation.

So with such a high increase this March does this mean it will end for future years?

If this is still the case next year, I have already started planning my exit from the subscription and will still keep the Ring door bell but install a small CCTV to record to disk that has no subscription charges.

This will dent Ring and Amazons’s reputation.

I’ve cancelled both my subscriptions. 100% increase in price over 2 years, for zero increase in product or service does not fly with me.

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Your answer is not a solution.

I have a much better solution: Cancel the subscription and buy a Eufy Doorbell, all the functionality of the Ring, but free!


I have just cancelled my subscription.
As this is part of Amazon we pay enough to them for prime as Amazon increased their subscription costs.
If we subscribe to Amazon prime then ring should be discounted.

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I’ve literally just signed up to the forum to say that I’m cancelling my subscription. I bought my Ring door bell over a year ago and at the time I thought £3.49 was a tad expensive just for door bell video but this price increase is outrageous. There is literally no justification for it whatsoever and they can talk about all of the reasons for it they want. The fact is their customer base was (not so sure now) growing every day and they were already raking in millions.

They would have only got more and more profitable so they have no valid reason for increasing the prices by almost double. Scandalous!

I’ll not be coming back here, just wanted to say that I have never had to cancel a subscription in all the 40 years I’ve been alive because of such a ridiculous price hike, for anything, ever.


I will certainly cancel my Ring subscription when it’s up for renewal in July. A 43% hike in price is inexcusable. Amazon used to give value for money, but I suspect they must think that we are stupid.

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I have already cancelled my subscription - this increase is extortionate! Goodbye Ring!!

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this is a complete rip-off that’s totally unjustifiable. I will no longer recommend any Ring’s products to anyone.

I will be another user who will be cancelling my subscription, I have been using for 3 or 4 years but its now got to the point that they are just taking the pi55 with another price increase. even if they do backtrack i will not be using ring products again!

I posted a few days ago when the emails went out about the price increase. Well today i fitred a new Eufy 2k doorbell. I am not disapointed so far. Setup was easy as was the fixing of the doorbell.
Good app UI and plenty of options for tweaking.

Not much lag for notifications and no noticable difference in overall functionality compared to the Ring.
I opted to connect the Eufy homebase with an ethernet over mains adaptor as my router has no spare ports, and everything worked straight away.

The Ring equipment will be returned for a refund and after cancelling my subscription i had a partial refund for the remaining 6 months.

Amazingly, Amazon have published my updated review of the Ring doorbell where I have included details of the unwarranted price increase - sorry I meant gouging - and my recommendation to buy a solution (i.e. Eufy) that has local SD storage and not a subscription!

I’m also amazed that Ring / Amazon haven’t closed this thread as (currently) 876 posts have lambasted the price increase and virually all posts mention that they are cancelling their subscription / renewal.

Absolutely no way I’m paying for that. Bye bye!