Ring increases Basic Subscription fee to £49.99 per device

Starting 11 March 2024, Ring have increased their subscription, the basic plan has risen from £25 to £35 and now to£49.99/year per device.
I for one am going to stop purchasing and fitting their products and cancelling all subscriptions. I think we should start boycotting Ring products.


This is a complete rip-off. I just bought one for my daughter for Christmas exactly because the annual charge seemed reasonable compared with other makes. Perhaps i shpuld tell her to just send it back for a refund? This is totally shocking. - nesrly 50% increase. Why? Because we’re hooked. Yes, I’ll not be buying or recommrnding any more RING products.


Hi Neighbours. Since Ring launched its Protect Basic Plan, we have regularly found ways to enhance the plan to give our neighbours more value. As we continue to invest in the services we offer, we are updating our Protect Basic Plan pricing. Thank you for your feedback on this. I’ll be marking this post as a solution so other neighbours can easily find it.

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This is the second 40% + increase from ring in 2 years for the basic product.

June 2022 they increased from £2.49pm to £3.49pm (40.16%)

March 2024 increased from £3.49pm to £4.99pm (42.97%)

That’s over a 100% increase in just under 2 years.

I have literally just cancelled my plan and will receive a part refund for this month. Its very easy to cancel your subscription through your online account.

I’m done with the product.


If she has already subscribed , it will be at £35 for the year , if you can then get it sent back, then do it. I am a fitter and fit a few of these and recomended them over others as the app was better than most others with regular updates and features, so worth around £30 annually , but this is just totally taking the P***. Ive cancelled my sub. and will be looking to replace the bell at some point. and fitting a different brand from now , without subs. that take sd cards.


Without using just a copy and paste answer, can you tell me what justification you have in increasing the price by such an amount. It is too high a rise for what is on offer.


Complete rip off. No justification given for this 43% increase. I for one will be cancelling my subscription and will find an alterative solution to Ring.


@Tom_Ring Nah this is simply pure greed from the company - If you can specify the enhancements which prove the value then fair enough but there is no need for an increase of this amount when there’s been no new developments/enhancements to the applications and software.


40% plus increase in annual fee for no extra benefits. Not even an attempt to justify. Kit works well but I bought the Ring option partly because the fee was reasonable. Will I trust Ring not to increase future fees by 100%. No so won’t be recommending Ring to anybody. Discussing way to treat customers


Shameful ripoff price increase - we have three of these devices precisely due to the reasonable annual fee
How on earth can 40 % increase be justified - you’ve had the sale and it’s simply software maintenance - no new features or functions offered by way of explanation
We previously recommended Ring products to others - not now!
Shocking customer service!
Reward loyalty? - not Ring!


This increase is absolutely disgusting


The idea of a Basic plan is that it doesn’t contain all of the additional features, and has a low cost. Ring increasing the cost by over 40% (for the second year running) with the rationale being that they are adding new features is just wrong. If they want funding for the new features then they should create a new level of the plan for those people who want them.

An increase of this kind on the Basic plan is just greedy.


Just cancelled mine, no way am I paying that.


So must say very disappointed with ring not only do you not get correct help with the huge delays i get with my doorbell. But now you have the cheek to try to increase the price again to £50 a year fir what exactly a system that works when it feel like it and the content fob off by support must be your wifi.i mean utter rubbish soon as my account runs out leaving never coming back utter rubbish for the price your trying to charge


Plenty of other alternatives available with local storage for video, and no subscription.

My ring subscription has only just renewed so got it at the old price. Cancelled renewal now and will go elsewhere when it runs out.

Pure greed


Thank god I didn’t upgrade to a newer ring doorbell. Also cancelled my plan as well. 40% increase 2 years in a row is stupid.


What costs are Ring incurring that justify a 40% fee increase?


+40% price rise is insane. I’m regretting choosing Ring now, so glad I didn’t fit one to my parents house like I was going to.


I’ve also just cancelled my plan for two products. Ridiculous increase.


If you are cancelling and already paid before March & you pay anually, you will have paid the £34.99, so you can keep it going till the end of the billing cycle .
Simply go on to your app and cancel and it will offer you to cancel at the end of your annual billing cycle.