Ring Home Security

Several years ago I purchased a Ring, outdoor camera and spotlight, and a Ring doorbell. I’ve been very pleased with them. A couple of months ago I purchased the complete Ring home security system, saving me over $1000 a year instead of using one of the national brand systems. I could not be more pleased with the Ring system. I purchased extra sensors, motion detectors, freeze detectors, flood detectors, and just about every Ring product available.

Yesterday, while away from home, I received a message that voices had been detected in my home while Ring was in the “away” mode. I have my Ring system synced with my Alexa speakers. Ring enabled me to play back the “voices” and to my surprise it was my weather alert radio, notifying me of severe storms. How cool is that? I feel much safer with my Ring system. Much more efficient than my old system for a fraction of the price.

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Hi @sdelahousey. We’re excited to hear that you are enjoying your Ring system! It’s a great feeling to know what’s going on, wherever you are.