Ring History Storage Time?

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I live In the UK and I have a question please. Basically, last October In 2023 I purchased a Ring Spycam to video wildlife In my back garden. I have also subscribed to the required (protect basic) yearly subscription so that I can keep my stored videos rather than having them deleted after the trial period. But I’ve just realised that all my stored (event history) videos have now disappeared from the Ring app on my phone.

So my question Is please, how long does a stored video stay saved for in the (event history folder?) And Is there a simple way of extending that video storage period without paying any more money?

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Hi @luckymjr. Videos are not stored indefinitely. The default video storage time is 30 days, but you can adjust it up to 180 days. We have steps on how to change the video storage time here. If there are any videos you wish to keep past the video storage time, you’ll want to download them on either your phone or computer. Once a video has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply and links :+1:

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