Ring Heat Sensor for attic or basement

I’ve installed the Retro Kit to my Ring Alarm and would like to add my two wired heat sensors to the system. The problem is that my current heat sensors are normally open switches. I’m confident that normally closed heat sensors would work with the Ring Alarm but it would be seen as a door/window. This would cause the police to be dispatched instead of fire should the sensor be tripped. It would be great if hard wired support could be given to both normally open/closed heat sensors including configuration as a heat sensor.

It’d be cool if we could use the floor and freeze sensor to detect high heats as well.

This would be useful in basement utility rooms where things like boilers are installed. This would make the “floor and freeze” senson more of a “climate” sensor.

It should be able to alert us if temperature rises above a set thresholds, or drops below a certain threshold.

floor = flood (typo in original post)

I would like to see a attic temperature sensor added to the Ring Alarm line. The wired alarm I am replacing has this feature and is a great safety feature since smoke/fire sensors are not recommended for attics due to dust and heat.

Ring could rebrand an existing temperature and humidistat sensor.

There are many z-wave sensors already being manufactured .


We have some good friends whose house was struck by lightning about 2:20 AM. The noise woke them, but they thought it was just a near strike and went back to sleep. Little did they know that the strike had started an attic fire (where lightning strike fires often occur) which raged in the attic above their heads for three hours while they slept. The fire finally broke through ceiling drywall enough that smoke entered their living space and triggered a smoke alarm. They all managed to get out alive, but it was a close call. The house is nearly a total loss.

I realize this request for an attic heat alarm is over two years old. My hope is that someone has solved this issue and has found an attic heat sensor that works with Ring. If anyone has ideas, please share. Thank you!

Please make heat sensors for the attic, garage, and kitchen. I have seen people online having problems with their insurance companies requiring these. This was mentioned in a thread in April 2020 yet there has been no solution created yet, so I am making another request. I previously had ADT and have hardwired heat sensors in the attic and garage, but they are not compatible with Ring except for DIY workarounds. Ring or another third party company, please make a heat sensor that is compatible with Ring.

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Our insurance company recommends heat sensors in at-risk rooms like kitchens which can provide early warnings to help mitigate fire danger. Please look into that as a new device.

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Yes. A Heat sensor integrated with the Ring alarm is a must. Get hot and get it done. So many fires in the home start in a garage and smoke alarms are not advised there and explicitly ruled out in Ring’s own documentation.

This is hard to believe. Ring is wanting to be a “go to” DIY installed security solution - but has a big hole in the coverage. I too, like others, have an insurance requirement, along with national fire safety recommendations to have “Heat” sensors in several places. The lack of a Ring product or 3rd Party product that can be integrated/works with is unacceptable. Talking to tech support is; frustrating as they just relate there are no products and no solutions and they will ask their bosses. Since this has been ongoing some 2 years…this doesn’t seem very promising.


Add a Temperature Sensor Alarm to the RING product line or allow 3rd Party Temperature Sensors to be integrated. This Alarm would be placed in a garage that houses an EV(s) and associated High Voltage Chargers to detect a Li-Ion battery fire by sensing a rapid rate of rise of the garage air temperature or simply detect a high temperature ready above 135F and use the existing RING alarm system to notify the Fire Dept. A smoke/CO2 sensor is not recommended for garage use, so a Temp Sensor would be needed.

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I replaced my hardwired system with Ring and am missing one key area. I need a fire/heat sensor in the garage (attached). The ZWave smoke detectors are not a solution for a garage. It seems like a simple battery operated heat detector would be a welcome ( required) addition tot he ring family.

I need heat sensors or my insurance company wont insure my home. Unfortanately I’ll need to leave Ring. Ring, get with it guys!

Totally +1 for ring heat sensor. In the meantime I’m thinking about just buying a heat sensor that will just go off and then have some of the ring smoke listeners nearby to alert to fire.