Ring Gen 2 Smartthings

Boy I’m hoping I’m in the right area being I’m looking for integration help.

Installed my ring gen 2 doorbell with the ring app and all is great. I figured it would work with smartthings so in my attempts to add in the new updated smartthings app it says no devices. I’m including a screenshot.

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Hi @Jace314! At this time, Samsung SmartThings is not a supported partner with us on all products, which may be why the device is not showing up under your SmartThings app. You can see their full list of supported Ring products here. I have passed on the integration suggestion to the appropriate team, but in the meantime, you can try reaching out to Samsung SmartThings Support to see if they have any suggestions for you on this. Feel free to also check back here for any neighbor recommendations. :slight_smile:

Then please partner up on the ring 2 as well. There’s a huge request for this.