Ring for my RV

I would like a Ring for my RV that uses cellular service, and can be charged via solar.

This fix is a two step process, which Ring could easily offer. First, a 12v base or modifying a Chime Pro to run on 12v, which is super easy, as it only runs on about 2-3 volts. Second, and most important, is to be able to operate via the internet when away from home; this has been the issue. I was able to set everything up in my trailer in my driveway, but once on the road, I could not get this system to operate. I want to get additional Ring products, but waiting to get my RV security up and running when away from home and to work seamlessly with my home account/system.

I have a WiFi Ranger in my camper. Could the Ring installation be programmed to connect to that? Can I have two systems connected to my app? One for fixed home and one for camper?