[Ring Floodlight] Turn on floodlights at night when motion is detected by camera (not by PIR)


I purchased the Ring Floodlight.

Feature Request: I would like to be able to have the lights turn on at night and when motion is detected by the camera (not by the PIR sensor). This does not seem to be possible, currently.

Current, Similar, Features: I can use the ‘Linked Devices’ feature to turn my Ring Floodlight’s lights on when the doorbell rings. Moreover, I can have my smart lights turn on when the Ring Floodlight detects motion. Therefore, there is some level of software that allows for this type of process to work, but is not currently implemented.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional clarification.

Thank you.

I agree. In bad weather I get many false detections with the PIR so that my floodlights are on almost constantly. I would like to use the camera motion detection instead which doesn’t suffer so many false alerts.

Using linked devices I can turn on my floodlights when my spotlight cam detects motion, and vice versa, but not when the floodlight cam detects. So the software is virtually done, it just needs to act on the camera’s own lights.