Ring floodlight limited range of motion

So I got my new floodlight wired in and set up. The range of motion for the light heads is very limited. They can move up and down pretty well, but you can turn the lights out from each other (make them wider if that makes sense). Definitely odd. They look very nice and I’ll see how bright they are in a couple of hours.

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Quick update. The lights are VERY bright. They are pretty responsive to motion detected on my linked doorbell pro, and light up my front yard very well. Still disappointed in the range of motion side to side. I may have to change my game plan for other areas of the outside of the house as I was going to put someon the corners.

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Very happy to hear of such a quick response time between Ring device motion recording and triggering the Smart Lights. The Floodlights are certainly bright!

In regards to the limitation of coverage, are your concerns that the physical lights themselves can not be moved more to the left and right for light coverage, or that the motion detection will not cover a large enough area to be triggered?

That the physical lights themselves have a limited range of motion. If i were to install these on a corner of my house, I would not be able to get very wide coverage with them.

Thank you for explaining further, we value this feedback greatly and will be sharing this with the team. Using the Smart Lights with your Floodlight Cams and other integrations might help you obtain exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to share what you accomplish with the Community, as others might have a similar scenario.