Ring floodlight cam pro siren

Just installed a ring floodlight cam pro and I’m very disappointed in the siren and speaker. The siren is not loud at all and you can barely hear the speaker when talking through it. I’ve already recycled the power several times but that didn’t help. Is there a firmware update that can fix this?

Hi @user30105. This is the Feature Request board, where neighbors can share ideas and suggestions for new features or devices. Troubleshooting questions should be posted in the most relevant category. The volume of the siren on Ring Security Cameras cannot be adjusted at this time. Other neighbors have requested this, which you can find here. As for the volume, the Floodlight Cam Pro allows you to adjust the volume for two-way audio under Device Settings > Volume Settings. It’s also important to ensure you are speaking into the correct microphone on your smartphone or tablet, as some models may have different microphones used for a regular call and for when you are on speaker.