Ring Floodlight Cam - broken plastic mounting bracket, where to buy a replacement?


I was installing my ring floodlight cam and I broke 1 of the hooks off the plactic mounting bracket :mansad:

Is it possible to order a floodlight cam mounting bracket on its own? Links would be great.


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Hi @mani26. You can purchase a spare parts kit for the Floodlight Cam on our website here. If you still need help after that with obtaining parts or any installation equipment, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Hi @AB. Thank you for sharing this detailed feedback on the Floodlight Cam’s mounting bracket. I’ll be sure to pass this information along to the appropriate team. :slight_smile:

Yes, I suffered this exact problem yesterday when installing a floodlight cam. A call to Ring quickly resulted in a replacement being ordered so should be resolved when that arrives. I’ve installed many outside lights previously but Ring seem to have used flimsy brittle plastic with a heavy floodlight cam assembly, I’ve never had the problem with other lights using similar mounts.

I can imagine that UK/EU regulations might require the non-conductive backplate as all lights seem to be the same, but is there any possibility to get the metal backplates to retrofit as I am also concerned now that my 2 floodlight cams could fall off the mountings.

I encountered the same issue yesterday when installing the floodlight cam. When tightening the nut caps the plastic around the bolt cracked.

Ring customer service were excellent. Very helpful and have sent out a replacement plastic mount.

There are lots of reviews on amazon reporting the same issue. The plastic mount isn’t strong enough and too brittle around the bolts. I suggest Ring review the design and consider a metal mount for the UK.

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Just fitted my new camera and had the exact same issue. This needs a metal bracket or at least a metal spur across the middle of the bracket to hold the two bolts.

Can’t get through to support right now but hopefully they send a replacement.

Just had the exact same problem. The bracket cracked during installation, shearing off the mount for the bolt. Spoke to ring support who are sending me a new one. The support from Ring and the quality of the product is normally excellent. Even the masonary drill bit was included in the box! But this is disappointing. The bracket for UK and Ireland clearly isnt suitable. Theres every chance the next one will break too.

I’ve also just had the same problem. On tightening the cap, the bolt cracked the plastic mounting plate and pulled through. I was careful not to ‘over-tighten’ the 2nd bolt, so my camera is currently hanging off a single bolt! Hopefully a call to customer support will see a replacement delivered. But as everybody says above, Ring need to review the design. In the past I’ve installed several Ring floodlight cams and didn’t have this problem. I wonder whether something has changed in the manufacturing process to make the plastic more brittle?