Ring Flood light cam

Can anyone tell me if the Flood lights can be controlled via Alexa? (etc) On/Off, Bright/Dim via voice command.
I had Secur 360 lights and they worked flawlessly, I just didn’t purchase the one with camera, If I can’t get it to function, I’ll most likely purchase the Secur 360 with camera since I had excellent success with it.

Hi @JD. We have plenty of resources in our Help Center that cover Ring and the integration with Alexa, which you can find here. That link will list all of the applicable articles that may help answer any questions you have. For the Floodlight specifically, you can see how Alexa works with our Smart Lighting devices here, and how it works with our Doorbells and Cameras here. I hope you find this information helpful! :slight_smile:

You currently cannot directly control the lights on the floodlight cam via Alexa, only the camera itself (show/hide). If you have other Ring smart lights, you can add the floodlight cam to a lighting group, and then turn the group on and off via Alexa. The lights on the floodlight cam don’t allow the brightness to be adjusted.

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@Caitlyn_Ring using SmarThings (on my phone) I can turn connected Ring floodlight lights on and off, but you at Ring haven’t done the necessary to link the floodlight (light) to Alexa. Pretty poor considering you’re part of the same company (Amazon). It really can’t be that difficult…come on Ring!!! @pdeethardt @JD fyi

These Floodlight cams are not cheap and that they would have such a gaping hole in usefulness because you can’t turn on the lights is crazy. Where can we talk to the development team to encourage them to work on this?

Also very frustrating trying to research this on the web and keep finding info about controlling Ring Floodlights and having to dig down to see this doesn’t pertain to the Floodlight Cam

Totally frustrated by this as well. This worked in the original version of the Ring skill in Alexa but was removed when Amazon bought ring and rebuilt the skill

Is there a plan to fix this? Using my phone to control the lights is a lot more cumbersome then a switch on the wall. Never would have purchased this had I known.