Ring Flood & Freeze Sensor Alexa Routine

I have five Ring Flood and Freeze Sensors placed throughout my house and linked to my Ring Alarm Base Station. I also have a z-wave water shutoff valve control that is linked to my Ring Alarm Base Station.

I am requesting the addition of the Flood & Freeze Sensors to Alexa routines so that I can create a routine that initiates the shutoff valve control when the water sensors are triggered.

It is unbelievable to me that this basic functionality hasn’t yet been created, despite a number of requests on this board going back years.

Upvote! This seems like such a simple ask!


Amen, is anyone looking into this? It’s the only sensor that doesn’t show up in Alexa???

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I have Dome Shut off with z wave Plus. Not sure why this will not work with my Ring hub base station. Also I have Eero WiFi Router hub base station that is compatible with items. Amazon owns you both. I pay for Ring Security. Please integrate with all sensors and locks. I need my water to Dome shut off when I get more Ring water sensors.

I even have the zwave Dome water shut off connected to the Samsung Smart Things Hub that is connected to Alexa. I have no idea why the Ring won’t detect the water shut off through that. Fix this.