Ring Feature

I love using the Alexa devices to control things around my house. One thing that I have not been able to control as I want to is the Ring alarm system. I know that I can have Alexa arm my ring to home and armed by telling her to arm the house but I would love to be able to add that to a Alexa routine. I know that I can add it to a routine but it arms the house to away and armed. This is a problem when we are home as we have a motion sensor that will go off when we walk around the house. I would love a feature to have Alexa be able to arm my house to away and armed when I am leaving and home and armed when I am going to bed through a routine. For example I would love to say “Alexa goodnight” and she would turn off might lights, etc. and then arm the Ring alarm to home and armed. When I’m leaving for the day I could say “Alexa I am leaving” and then have her turn lights off etc. and then arm the house once I have left.