Ring failed to prevent a breakin: 3 suggestions

My house was broken into last night and Ring failed as no neighbors noticed the alarm. I have 3 suggestions that I know have been covered in other topics, but without some improvement the Ring system is not all that userful_

  1. The indoor siren needs to have an adjustable volume that allows it to be cranked to the full 110 dB. I know Ring had liability concerns around damaging people’s hearing but let that fall on the homeowner

  2. Setting to configure the siren to sound for longer than 10 mins or have it reset after 10 mins sound again for another 10 mins if a sensor is tripped again

  3. Link the siren on the outdoor camera to the Ring system so that it sounds as well. Again I understand the liability issues but let the homeowner decide

I ended up having 2 intruders completely undeterred by the siren. If it were much louder and lasted longer in duration, maybe a neighbor would have heard


@Doug_in_Calgary wrote:

“Link the siren on the outdoor camera to the Ring system so that it sounds as well. Again I understand the liability issues but let the homeowner decide”

Hello @Doug_in_Calgary ,

So sorry to hear about your break-in. That’s awful!

Others have been requesting the feature that you are looking for, with some slight variations. But you can see that you aren’t alone! We here in the USA still don’t have an external siren (our available current Dome siren is not rated/designed for outdoor use).

If you like the idea for an OUTDOOR SIREN (that can tolerate the outdoor weather) or the ability for the CAMERA SIREN to activate when the alarm is triggered, then make your vote be heard by clicking on the all the links below, and then click on the “Thumbs Up” icon on the beginning thread (upper-left side) of the originator’s post request.

More “Thumbs Up” Kudo vote will better get the attention of the Ring Teams. I apologize for any similar “Feature Board Requests” that I’ve might have missed. But if I can miss them, then so can the Ring Teams.

There are also many similar posts in other Ring forums, but now Ring Teams look for request here in the “Feature Board Request” forum, and so I did not include those other too numerous links. I just linked only “Feature Board Requests.”

Let’s all mass together our Kudo votes and efforts for an Outdoor Siren!

Submitted by @Dannyb1991


Submitted by @Jesterbw


Submitted by @deefish


Submitted by @FarmerBrad


Submitted by @smiley250


Submitted by @LMR


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Sorry to hear about your breakin… Many thanks Boone for gathering all the links together… I have voted for each one. Lets see if the community is listened to by ring or not…

Hey @Doug_in_Calgary. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We want to assure you that we take all of our neighbors’ concerns very seriously. Are we able to have a member from our team reach out to you about this? If so, we would reach out to you using the email address associated with your Community account and a member of our team will be in contact with you. If this is alright, please let me know and I will arrange this for you to ensure that your concern is addressed appropriately.

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Hi @Chelsea_Ring, please have someone reach out via email

Hi @Doug_in_Calgary ,

Your #3 request, “Link the siren on the outdoor camera to the Ring system so that it sounds as well” is available now! Ring has listened to all the Kudo votes on the numerous “Feature Request” board and the camera sirens can also now be linked to the Alarm Base Station siren! So now when the Base Station siren goes off, the Ring cameras (that have siren feature) can also sound off with their siren!

So, I immediately went to my Ring App to link mine also! But, I was briefly disappointed when I tried to do it because I did not initially see any change in the App. It initially appeared to still only make the cameras record when the alarm sounded . . . until I looked more closely. So, yes, the camera sirens CAN be linked now by:

  • Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Linked Devices > Alarm Sounding >

After selecting “Alarm Sounding”, this is where I was briefly disappointed because I thought it was still just to select the cameras to only record. Then I noticed the “Explanation-Point” Icon, just right of the “Camera” Icon. Now I understood that by selecting this “Explanation-Point” Icon, it links the camera’s siren to the alarm too! So after selecting “Alarm Sounding” then:

  • Select “Explanation-Point” Icon for the cameras you wish to sound off their siren with the Base Station > then “Save”.

Wonderful! Thank you Ring! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

FYI to @snigehere

Why is it that my ring catches every car that passes by but cant catch the thief breaking into my car, with the camera pointed at my car or the thief coming on my porch to steal my mail or me falling down the front steps. But it catches passing cars. I am thinking about canceling my ring subscription because ring is garbage to me