Ring doorbells -tone changes

I have suggested this before to an agent not sure of it ever made it’s way to the appropriate channels.

The ability to change the actual doorbell tone like you can in the chimes?


This has been requested in so many

forums. It seems like a basic feature to change the sound the doorbell itself makes when you press it. The default ring sound is not pleasant. Please enable this feature!


Agree. This needs to be a feature. Seems simple enough. Ability to change the doorbell outside when it is pressed.


Agreed With The Above Comments,Should Also Have An Alarm Activation

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Just tried to do this for Xmas. Seems it would be intuitive and straightforward. My friends do this in their Nest!! Disappointed to learn it’s not even a feature.

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Another up-vote here. I just started looking for this feature, after owning the Pro for 2 years only, because my neighbor’s Nest doorbell played a Holiday themed chime/sound. This seems so basic that we should able to change the sound even if it’s to a preset list of sounds versus something custom like a holiday sound.

Please add this so we can have basic feature parity with the Nest doorbell.

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Also disappointed when I realized this is not supported. Would be great to have this!

I was a bit floored to find that, with all the useless features being added all the time, this very basic one, widely desired by your community, is still a no-show years after the first requests

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The ‘ring chime’ is just awful and I’d say lots of the general population feel the same way (they just haven’t seen this board)… As I said on another board, the Ring chime does more harm to your brand than good.

Rather than just muting I want a nice ‘doorbell’ noise. Not too much to ask is it. It is after all a doorbell…

This ring chime is worse than Crazy Frog, so please let us have the choice.

I really want this to happen.
Google nest doorbells offer this and it would be great to greet visitors with a custom tone based off the time of the year

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They’ve lost to Google on this one. It appears the only way to change the chime is if you have the separate physical Ring chime inside - pointless for visitors.

The smart reply feature has a few Halloween options but unnecessary dialogue. We just wanted to select one of the Halloween sounds.

And of course not to mention the default chime is awful anyway.

Enough waiting, Ring. Implement the feature requested in 2019, and dozens of times since, where we can change the outside ring tone of the Doorbell Pro to match the tones inside on the Chimes.


Would love to be able to change the tone from the weird, non-doorbell-like default.

At least it can be turned off or low volume but be great to customise.

My guess is they’ve hard-wired it in the units.

Ring makes decisions on number of votes, not length of time a suggestion was made. With only 34 votes it’s not up very high in the long list of other suggestions folks have made.

@SamUnders I think the title needs changing to something like. “Ability to change the outside bell chime” This is why it isn’t being found and not getting the appropriate response from users and the product teams it deserves.