Ring doorbell

Ring doorbell changes channel on tv

Hi @Gill1. This is strange. Could you go a little more into detail about this? What kind of TV is this happening on? What model of the Doorbell do you have and what channels on the TV does it change? If you have an Amazon Alexa device connected with your TV, it could cause the Live View to automatically to appear. Any additional information you have will help the Community be able to assist you with this.

Hi when I’m watching my ■■■■■■ media tv.If the front door bell is rung it changes channel to my fire stick homepage.I have ring 2.

Hey @Gill. Thanks for following up. This could be due to how you have this integration configured in the Alexa app. In the Alexa app, select the Doorbell. Next you will see Announcement Devices. Make sure that your TV is not selected. If it is, you will continue to have your TV change the channel to the Live View when it is prompted. I hope this helps!