Ring Doorbell Wireless 2nd Gen


I’m moving into a new build property this weekend and there is a doorbell installed but I’m not sure if it a mechanical chime or digital. I can’t reach it as I’m disabled. I think it says Deta which I’ve looked to see and I think it’s mechanical.

I’ve ordered from Amazon the following

Ring and Chime

Have I bought the right kit? I am fine using the ring Chime. I’m just eager to get it all setup. Is there’s specific video that’s shows how to do this install as I’m not paying £90 for Amazon to do the job!!

Hi @IainC. This kit will work with or without an existing chime kit. The easiest way to tell if you have a mechanical chime kit would be to simply press the button. If you hear the classic “Ding Dong” bell sound, it’s likely to be a mechanical chime kit. If you hear a melody, it’s a digital chime kit. I hope this helps.

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