Ring Doorbell Wired UK

I have purchased a Ring Doorbell Wired. I currently have a transformer in my consumer unit from my existing push button doorbell. It is rated 4-8-12V. I’m not sure what the output voltage is, but hopefully 8V.

In the hallway, I also have a small round mechinical chime. I opened up this mechanical chime and it there are two wires. It is just the case of bypassing this doorbell by putting a jumper cable between the two?

Attached pictures.

@kevinnguyen The voltage coming from the transformer will depend on how its wired. That transformer can do 4, 8 or 12 depending on how its wired. There are different holes for the wires to get different voltages. Without removing it and looking you don’t know really. Only mess about with it if you know what you are doing. Otherwise get an electrician in. Literally 30 mins work for them.


Hi @kevinnguyen. @bemak187 is correct here. If you look closely, you can see the circled numbers 1-2-3-7-8. Depending on the combination on wired inputs, this will determine the voltage. Example- Using hole #1 and #3, will give you 12V, whereas #1 and #2 will give you 4V. I hope this makes sense.