Ring Doorbell Wired Bypass UK

I’ve recently installed a hardwired video doorbell and a wireless chime. It replaces an old style doorbell and chime which I removed entirely - leaving just the wiring to the doorbell and from the transformer. I just wago’d those wires together in their own exclosure just inside the front door. The transformer is a Honeywell 8V ac 1A and is located next to the consumer unit in the downstairs loo. Everything’s working fine. However, because I wired directly to the transformer I didn’t use the bypass “cable” supplied in Bag C. Clearly, this cable isn’t just a piece of wire - it’s a component of some sort (resistor, dioide, fuse?) in a piece of heathshrink. As I say, everything’s working fine without it and the transformer only gets slightly warm. Can someone advise whether I really should use the bypass cable and hence the included component? And suggest what it might be? FYI, I’m in the UK.

Its a fuse, I think mostly to protect the doorbell in the event you screwed up the wiring. It wouldn’t hurt to connect it to one side of the transformer connection, but you are likely to be absolutely fine without it.