Ring Doorbell Wired “Battery below 90% notification”

Unlike what is recommended by Ring, I have most settings for my Ring Doorbell 3 Pro maxed out or near close to it. I like knowing that most movement(s) will be captured via my doorbell camera, in tandem with a few other outdoor cameras, in which the doorbell has the propensity to fall below 90% battery charge and will continue to drop until the battery dies.

Unless I check it every month or so, I would have no other way of knowing that the battery was draining until the battery pack eventually dies and I can no longer use “live view” nor would the doorbell cam work as intended.

I know this is the nature of the beast and that the trickle charge can only charge the camera so much, it oscillates between 99%-90% before charging back up to 99% as Ring’s attempt to avoid overloading the battery, until the battery eventually begins to drain below the 90% threshold.

I suggest that, for these Doorbell Cams at least, that Ring write a script to have the Doorbell and/or Ring app to send a notification to a wired doorbell camera customer when their camera’s battery drops below that 90% charge so they are able to charge, or at least be well aware of the loss of charge, their battery ASAP and not wonder why their device isn’t working when they’re away on vacation etcetera etcetera.