Ring Doorbell WiFi Extender Gen 2

Just noticed that there is a newer Ring WiFi Extender out. Does anyone know if it’s worth upgrading to this from the Gen 1 extender ( the one with the two bits sticking out the top). My SSI is 80 which is pretty crap considering that there is one paper thin plasterboard wall between my router and the ring Doorbell with the extender in between. Even when I bring the doorbell into the house to charge and its feet away from my router the SSI only goes down to 48. By the way, before anyone blames my rubbish WiFi, I actually have very fast WiFi. Basically, I don’t want to waste money if it’s not going to make a substantial difference. Thanks

Glad you asked, @152bobby. The Chime Pro you have is very similar to the newest generation of Chime Pro. The main difference is that the Chime Pro (Gen 2) has the ability to extend both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks and has a built in night light. Otherwise, the coverage area is the same.

For tips on optimising wifi signal strength, check out our Community post by Riley. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I bought the new but basic chime 3

Having read many, many reviews, the wi-fi extender simply dopes work very well at all.

1 star reviews galore.

You would be better off using a TP wi-fi extender that does work, Which! magazine gave it the top slot, even their budget one works brilliantly, not need for a mesh unit for a doorbell chime either!