Ring Doorbell WAY too loud outside - no app adjustments work

This is still a problem. Ring doorbell Pro. Have had the problem the entire time I’ve owned it. Phone support is zero help. There needs to be a way to adjust the intercom and microphone volume. I know from previous experience (pre-Amazon buyout) that Ring support can adjust settings that users are not able to such as camera quality, bitrate, color controls, audio, etc. but the current support system doesn’t seem to allow support to do anything but read off of knowledge base articles.

Hi neighbors. The original concern from when this thread was first posted was previously resolved in an update. For clarification, most Ring Doorbells will not have a volume slider for the two-way audio, only a volume slider for the ringer on the Doorbell under Device Settings > General Settings. At this time, the Video Doorbell Pro 2 has an additional volume slider for the two-way audio. Other neighbors have requested to have a volume slider for the speaker on all Ring Doorbells and Cameras, which you can find here on our Feature Request board. I recommend adding your feedback and votes to that request.

If you are adjusting the volume slider for the Doorbell ringer, and it does not appear to adjust the volume for the ringer, try a quick reboot of your Doorbell from the Device Health page. Then try adjusting the volume slider again, and test it out by ringing your Doorbell. If that still doesn’t work, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.