Ring doorbell unable to view on echo show 5 after I fitted newer doorbell

Hello, I Have ring doorbells at 2 different locations, mine and my parents, I recently brought my parents a ring doorbell 5 to replace there older version, the older doorbell 2 was attached to an echo show 5 so they could see doorbell view, After fitting the 5 they can no longer view the doorbell on their echo show, but I can at my home address, I’ve even moved an echo show that works to mums house and that won’t show the camera on the doorbell, but I can still view the doorbell camera at my address, I’ve even tried fitting the old doorbell back on, that’s the same, can’t see the camera at mums but I can at mine, motion detection and doorbell activation all shows on the echo show at mums just won’t let you view the camera.
I’ve paired and unpaired the devices, checked all the settings in the Alexa app all correct, just seems strange it worked fine before I fitted a newer doorbell.
Any ideas???

Hi @userbaz. Can you clarify what model doorbell you have? We do not have a Ring Video Doorbell 5.