Ring doorbell stolen today

My doorbell was taken off my door frame after I returned from work today. The guy who took it got mad because I didn’t want to talk to him on Sunday, so I guess he wanted to mess with me.

I have filed a police report and later I will file with the warrant magistrate. When I get everything in order, I’ll send my information to Ring theft to get my replacement unit.

I hate that this happened, but I have a security system in my apartment, so I should be fine for the time being.


I think you only need to send the copy of the police report, I would contact Ring as soon as possible.

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Didn’t it record the guy stealing it?

Yes, did it record?

Do you have anything you can share with the community?

consider a Doorbell Boa! I have one my apartment complex has no problem with it and protects the ring from theft

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consider a Doorbell Boa! protects Rings in apartments, here is a picture of mine