Ring doorbell speaker volume

Can we have an update that allows us to turn the speaker volume coming out of the doorbells speaker when we speak to someone up or down. Mine is very low and various posts have stated theirs is either too low or too loud. Having the ability to change the speaker volume also helps with the natural surroundings as you wouldn’t want it loud if your front door was next to a neighbour, and you wouldn’t want it low if you live on a busy road. I’m surprised that Ring haven’t added this feature to date.

Totally agree! My doorbell is so loud it startles people! And for those who are not used to talking to Alexa, I’ve even seen them be intimidated. Please give this feature!!!

Agreed also make a night mode volume so when the doorbell is in night mode it automatically switched to a defined quiet time level.

Why doesn’t Ring Support or Development respond to these requests???