Ring doorbell speaker not working with Echo Show 5

I have just setup a new Ring Doorbell and a new Echo Show 5, along with installing the respective apps on a phone and tablet, plus linking the apps and accounts.
Via the phone and tablet I can successfully have a two way convo with someone at the doorbell.
Via the Echo Show, I can view the doorbell camera and hear someone speaking through it, but they cannot hear me speaking through the Show. This is both with the Mic enabled and disabled via the onscreen button on the Show.
In short - confirmed doorbell speaker works if communicating via phone/tablet app, but doesnt appear to work if using Echo Show

Hi I have the exact same on my echo show. However, If I ask alexa to talk to the doorbell randomly (without button presses on the doorbell), it works all right. For me the issue only happens when someone actually presses the doorbell button. Very odd. Spent 1 hour with the ring support and also with echo shoe’s and nobody could sort it out.

It’s a bug with some localized versions of the ring skill/alexa app or echo fire os, or possibly even the firmware. I’m not sure exactly where is the problem, but I know for sure that at the very least Italian and German versions of the ring skill suffer from this exact issue, it’s a software bug. Can you guys please say where you are from? The US version isn’t affected otherwise there would be a lot more posts, but the ring skill reviews here are full of one star reviews stating exactly this issue. They need to push an update quick, I’ve been basically without doorbell for more than a month now because of this awful bug. If there is someone from ring reading this, please report it as top priority to the relevant department, some local versions of the ring skill are completely bugged and it’s impossible to use the doorbell.

I have the exact same problem on my echo show 8 and Ring doorbell (2020 release ) of US version.

Sorry to hear about this concern persisting, neighbors! If you have not already tried, please ensure the microphone is toggled on your Echo device screen. You will see in our help center article, there are a few commands that will initiate two way audio. Check out the tips there to see if they work for you.

If none of those methods or troubleshooting steps work, try removing and re-adding the Ring skill to the Amazon device/ app. Please also ensure that your Alexa device is within range of your router’s wifi signal. Additionally, try out the two way audio on different event types, such as live view, motions, and/ or Video Doorbell rings. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

i have the same issue in the UK
two echo show devices can no longer two way communicate with the ring doorbell

it works fine on my mobile so not an issue with the doorbell

Please fix this !!!

Identical experience here in Melbourne, Australia. I can have 2-way conversation if I ask Alexa on the Show 5 to “talk to the Front Door” but if I simply tap the Show 5 onscreen mic icon when the Ring 3 is pressed they cannot hear me. I feel I’ve wasted $400 because this is for a business location and it doesn’t do what is advertised.