Ring Doorbell Solar Panel- What does "Ring Solar Charger is connected and able to charge this device" mean exactly?

I feel like I know what it means, but I’ve been going through every GD help topic and there is nothing just saying- when you have this message - this is what it means. Not even in the app, usually you can click on the section and it will explain what that means… not here. Anyways, just trying to get a feel for- this means it’s actually getting a charge from the sun? Or it’s possible to get a charge from the sun but is actually not charging? ABLE TO CHARGE? Why this language? Anyways, any help appreciated.

Hey @Melkapp1. When you see this verbiage in the app, what is the % of battery for your device at the time? When you get this kind of messaging in-app, it means that it is successfully connected/detected and able to charge your device, but the device is not needing a charge at the time. This could mean that the device’s battery is above 90%, and thus does not need to charge the device. Normally, the solar panel will start charging when the battery falls to ~90%-99.99% to help keeping your device charged consistently without overpowering it and causing any damage to the battery with charging. I hope this helps clear this up for you!

If you notice this kind of verbiage, but notice your battery still draining and the device not charging, please let us know and we can ask some more questions to follow up on this further. :slight_smile:

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I get the same message, but my battery keeps draining! It’s NOT charging at all!

Hey @AbeniAde. If you’re still having this issue and the battery is not charging from the solar panel, I recommend reaching out to our support team to have them look more into this for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.


Yes same as AbeniAde, my battery does seem to drain as much as usual. I do have 1 setting that is not recommended, which is the motion frequency which is due to the fact that I was absolutely missing packages being dropped at my front door- which is the entire reason I got the Ring.- the entire reason I got the solar panel was to prevent charging as much- but NOW the app is trying to sell me another item- an extra battery, to prevent charging as much.- which is frustrating because I already bought another item to help with this. I assume everything is working fine, it’s connected and says the message "Ring Solar Charger is connected and able to charge this device" regardless of battery percentage. Right now it’s at 23% and I get this message. If you could just tell me that the solar battery will ONLY keep it charged if recommended settings are used- then that’s fine, I’ll accept that, but please just be honest about the product.

Hi @Melkapp1. Happy to chime in for Chelsea here. The Solar Charger provides a trickle charge to your battery. This trickle charge should be enough to maintain your battery for quite some time. Depending on your motion settings, video recording length, RSSI and number of events per day, this trickle charge may vary. You should expect to see a positive battery charge with less than 18-20 recording events per day. I hope this information is helpful.


I am having the same problem as everyone else. My solar status is “Connected”. All my power settings are set to “recommended” . In spite of all this my battery seems to be draining at the same pace as before. I purchased the solar accessory. Currently my battery is at 84% and falling rapidly. Can someone explain what the solar accessory is supposed to do? My expectation was that it would keep the Ring Doorbell charged or at least significantly slow the drain. That is not happening. I’ve even set a very limited zone for motion detection under advanced settings. I almost never get motion detection alert now. Can someone tell me what this solar accessory is supposed to be doing and how I can confirm that it is working. At this point I feel like I purchased an expensive mounting kit.

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I really am at a loss as to what the solar charger panel is supposed to do. In full sun for 3 days the bell battery is now at 74%. The app says “A ring solar accessory is connected and able to charge this device” But the battery has gone from 80% to 74% in 3 days. I have counted the activations- 25, 12 and 8 today . there have been no activations for the last 3 hours- and the panel is in full sun- absolutely no change in the charge. Meanwhile we are getting 50% -60%of our domestic electricity requirements from our PV array so it is not the quality of the sunlight!!! This solar panel accessory is probably the most ineffective solar panel ever sold to an unsuspecting consumer. I see many others have had issues over the last few years.Unfortunately I did not know that prior to buying One would expect that the company would have updated their offering so that the technology is at least on a par with other solar gadgets.

I have exactly the same issue.
The Solar charger was purchased to prevent the charging but feel it was total waste of money as it is not functioning with not even a 1% increase in the battery charge.
There is the message displayed under the settings - “A Ring solar accessory is connected and able to charge this device”. The battery is draining with no improvement in the charge.

I having same issues and mine points as the sun

Yes I’m having same concerns. Full morning sun :sunny: and not charging. Very confused.

Hi @user45241. What Ring device model do you have? What version of the Solar Panel are you using? This extra information will help me advise on what troubleshooting steps you should try.

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