Ring Doorbell Solar Charging Panel - Shaded porch?

We have the original Ring Video Doorbell, but have noticed that it’s not really holding a charge well anymore (and we’re running the risk of stripping the screws that hold it into the mounting bracket), and getting an electrician to help us figure out how to hardwire it into the existing doorbell is not an option right now.

We were thinking of getting the solar charging panel - but our doorbell is located under our fairly shaded front porch.

Would it still get enough energy to power the doorbell - or should we just save our money, and stick to removing the doorbell every time it needs charged?

Hey @kmiller2020. The Doorbell’s Solar Charger needs to get 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day to supply about a 10% trickle charge to the device. If the device will not get any sunlight since it’s in a shaded area, I don’t recommend getting this! I recommend to continue to take it down to charge. :slight_smile:

Hey there!

I installed a solar panel with my video doorbell 3, however, noticed that my battery does not stay charged as my other solar powered devices are. It is under a shaded porch, much like yours. I decided to remove the solar panel and just purchase a second battery to keep charged for exchange, to avoid any doorbell downtime. Hopefully Ring will come up with a solution, such as a stand alone solar panel that is compatible with the doorbell, such as the one that works with the spotlight cam.

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Exactly what I was looking for and glad I took 2nd battery approach.