Ring Doorbell programming enhancement request

Programming enhancement request for recordings. Product Ring Doorbell 4. Most recordings for this device, mine and everyone else’s are for people/owners going out the front door to do something in the front. All exits out and back in result in at least two unnecessary video recordings. Your hardware and software engineers need to get the appropriate sensors and software to not create recordings of people going in and out of their homes . An AI can easily figure this out and offer an opt out option to not record these events. Probably 90 percent of my videos are of me or others going in and out of my front door. I don’t have time to snooze this device every time I walk out the door. Please consider enhancements to this device to eliminate all this unnecessary recording. All the unnecessary videos consume iPhone and ring storage space. Thanks, I do like how it works as it was intended for a very small percentage of the recorded video. rgc