Ring Doorbell Pro pink video

This is the most frustrating product I have ever bought. I will never buy another ring product and I’m going to tell everyone I know that ring sucks. My ring pro doorbell camera shows a bright pink video during the day. I called support (which was absolutely AWFUL) and they troubleshooted me through everything I saw online. Of course non of it worked. The only thing that worked yesterday was hitting the side of it which gave me a clear, nice picture, but then this morning it’s back to straight up pink!
Ring is robbing half of us blind.

@Tyleryanmalcolm Sounds like the IR filter is sticking. The filter engaging and disengaging is the click you hear when going between night and day modes. If the doorbell is new get it exchanged. If it isn’t speak to Ring support and advise them the IR filter is sticking.

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