Ring Doorbell Pro not working in dark

Since I’ve installed it if I don’t turn on the porch light before sundown I get black picture.
If I turn on the light before it gets dark it works fine as you can see in the picture. I have a good WiFi signal as I’ve read that could be the problem. Any tips or ideas? Thanks!

Your doorbell goes into night mode without the porch light, but what is happening is the lights from the doorbell are shining off the brick to the left in the picture. This is confusing the doorbell which in turn makes the walkway darker than it should. See if you can bring the doorbell out so that the brick isn’t getting a reflection. You might be able to jury-rig something to just test without having to commit yourself to something permanent.


Hi @MusicCity4Me. The explanation that @SolarEclipse gave about the light shining off the brick is correct. You may want to try using a Corner Kit, which can help you angle the Doorbell Pro’s view away from the brick. This may improve the view so you don’t have to leave your porch light on. :slight_smile: