Ring Doorbell Pro dings intermittantly

I have the Ring Doorbell Pro (front and back doors) and after 3+ weeks of good service, I am now getting intermittant single “dings” from my doorbell chime in the house. I set the system up with the purchase of a new inside doorbell (mechanical - not digital) and a new 24v transformer to handle both Rings. Anyone have an idea why I would get this single “ding” every now and then? Internet speed (average) is about 120mbps.

is it possible that the wire is pinched at the back door?

No - I think I would get a lot more “dings” than I’m getting if that was the problem. Thanks for responding.

I was on a “chat” with Ring for over an hour last night but I think he kept missing the problem I’m having - intermittant/random single dings on the inside doorbell chime. I could tell from the responses I was getting that he might have been located in a different country and something could have been lost in translation.

One of the things he had me do was turn off the alerts (motion and audio), ring the doorbell and see what happened. He could also see what was happening on my Ring account. Next step was to turn them back on and repeat (for both Pro units). I did this, and everything (still ) works fine. I have not yet heard an intermittant “ding” since then - but I will keep listening. He also said to immediately look for a video should this happen again.

BTW - I have over 150mbps internet speed, a new indoor doorbell chime (16V) and a new 24V transformer (two Pro units). Technically and mechanically, I should be good.