Ring doorbell pro chime not showing blue light

My pro doorbell chime does not show any blue light at all.

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Hi @george21, are you talking about your Ring Video Doorbell Pro or your Chime Pro? Please let us know with more detail on your concern and what device you have so the neighbors in the Community can further assist! :smiley_cat:

Can we get some help with this too? Our ring doorbell is not lighting up blue when pressed. It makes a noise when pressed but doesn’t alert phone or chime.

Hi @TINYTRACE, happy to chime in here. When you ring the Doorbell, does the ring appear in the Event History in the Ring App? If so, this means it’s working properly and you’ll just need to troubleshoot the notifications. You can reference this Help Center Article, which contains some basic troubleshooting steps on notifications which can help when you’re not receiving them.

If you do not see the ring appear in the Event History at all when you test your Doorbell, then I would recommend resetting it and taking it through a new setup in the Ring App. To reset your Doorbell, you’ll want to hold down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. Once that’s done, follow the steps under Set Up a Device in the RIng App to get it back up and running. I hope this helps out! :slight_smile: