Ring Doorbell Pro and Ring Security System

Hi, everyone. My name is Eli and I’m profundly deaf. I’m very interested in purchase Ring doorbell camera and Ring security system. But i need help with advice. is there any accessories or any visual light alert/bed Vibration shaker devices that would be somehow connect to Ring Doorbell Camera and Ring Security System ?? Because it would be super helpful to alert Profoundly Deaf like me and my wife. Any suggestions and advices would be great appreciation.

Hi @eliseot3. At this time, we do not have any light or vibration accessories designed to alert deaf or hard of hearing neighbors. This request has been posted on our Feature Request board before, which you can find here. You’re welcome to add your feedback and vote to that request, since our team uses the Feature Request board to share new ideas with our teams here.

You could look into what devices are and are not compatible with Alexa, as you can set up Routines with Alexa using Ring devices. For example, you could set up a Routine in the Alexa app that when someone rings your Doorbell, another device flashes a light. This would depend on what other devices are compatible with Alexa, and what functionality they have.

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