Ring doorbell press annoucement on Echos doesnt work in Australia?

Can someone from Australia confirm me, whether your Ring doorbell can still annouce to Echos when someone press it? I.E whether the Ring skill in Alexa is still working?

According to this: They mentioned Announcements are currently supported in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

I am so confused as normal announcement is working.

I just setup the Ring doorbell pro 2 and everything works fine. I can order Echo Show 8 to show the camera, talk to the doorbell proactively, etc. But ONLY when someone pressed the door bell, neither my Echo Show 8 and Echo Dots is annoucement.

Alexa CS is helpless, Ring CS is also helpless, what they are doing is asking me to refer to each other and keep reseting the device, unlinking Alexa with Ring, and I swear i have done this for like 100 times. When I browse the review of the Alexa Ring Skill, i found a few comments from an Australia user said it doesn’t work in Australia any more.

Can some Aussie users here give me a confirmation on this? Thanks a bunch!

Hi @oceandeep. After reviewing the reviews on this page here, it appears that this is no longer supported in Australia. The Ring Skill is maintained by the Amazon Alexa team, so our information here at Ring is limited. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

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