Ring Doorbell Pause Button

Being able to Pause the Ring Doorbell from an apps is nice but how about a Pause Button.

I’d love to see a mechanical WiFi remote button I can attach to the wall just inside the door. It would connect wifi to the existing doorbell and there would be 2 buttons. Programable from the app would be nice. So press button 1 and Ring Doorbell is silenced for 5 Minutes, press button 2 and Ring Doorbell is silenced for 1 hour. You could program the silence times in the app. When I go to get a package off the porch or take the dog out to go do his business, I hate to have to find my phone and open an app. Hit the button grab my package and return in without having to listen to the door bell. Working in the yard you can hit button 2 and pause longer. I’d definitlySilence Button, Video Doorbell pay for at least 1 button for that quick package or dog trip.